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Amber Ray announces upcoming baby shower event

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Socialite Amber Ray has announced that she has officially started planning for her baby shower, just in case anyone does not want her ideas copied.

Amber’s message seems to be directed to Vera Sidika who strongly believes that she copied her gender reveal party idea.

Through her Instagram, Amber said that in case someone had already done a baby shower, they should post it so that her event planner can know what to avoid so that it does not look as though she copied it again.

Amber said she does not want people to kill her vibe.

“For the books, I have officially started planning for my Baby shower kama kuna mtu hataki to be copied …. This is the perfect time to post your event so that my event planner can know exactly what to avoid IS. ….please don’t wait ifike few days to my event then post yours that happened months ago trying to kill my vibe…it will never work! let’s try an avoid the previous mistake,” she wrote.

Vera Sidika on Friday claimed she was copied by Amber Ray in the way she planned her gender reveal party.

Vera through her Instagram page announced that her gender reveal party was done in December as opposed to what she had previously told her fans.

On March 9, Vera and her husband Brown Mauzo shared videos of their lavish gender reveal for their unborn baby with their fans.

Three days after that, Amber Ray also held a lavish gender reveal party almost similar to that of Vera Sidika.

Both couples arrived at the venue in a Chopper and the setup was almost similar.

It has now emerged that Vera had her gender reveal party in December but held on her news awaiting for the episode to air on The Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show that is currently showing.

In her recent post, Vera said only some celebs low-key knew about it.

“I’ve always thrown the best parties and my creativity Makes me stand out. My gender reveal party actually happened on 14th December 2022,” she said adding that her hubby also splashed money on her just the way Amber Ray’s hubby did during their gender reveal party.

“Some celebs lowkey knew about it. Slide through to see the preparations; how I invited the guests, the helicopter, the lake view, also, hubby splashed money on me after I won the bet🎊💃🏼ksh150,000 (I bet for boy) Watch full reveal Episode 4 on RHONAIROBI @showmaxkenya 💣💥Decor: @scarlettedesignskenya Invites: @justballoonske.”

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