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Amira goes ham on ex-hubby Jimal Rohosafi

Amira also confirms they officially divorced in 2022 and is hopeful to get married again someday

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The divorce between Amira and businessman Jimal Rohosafi has finally been officiated and Amira has decided not to reserve her comments, she has come guns blazing on how she regrets marrying him.

Amira on Sunday, March 5, shared proof that the two are no longer spouses.

In a Q&A with her fans, she encouraged questions indicating she is feeling petty and in a mood to entertain any questions about her life.

One fan demanded she provides proof that the two are officially divorced and not just a statement she makes.

“Mumeachana legally?” They questioned her.

She replied with a screenshot of the divorce decree issued by the courts. The divorce has been issued at the Kadhi Courts Upper Hill, according to some of the details we can see in the court document.

She then hid part of the date of the divorce but we see it is in 2022.

Another fan asked her if she sees herself getting married again.

Amira responded “Absolutely” but avoided another question seeking to know if she is in a relationship. Amira said “Am very happy where I am”.

She also opened up about her co-parenting challenges with Jimal, and what their children know about the situation.

“They are big boys, they know everything that’s been happening. But since the internet never forgets, ill leave this here one day for my boys when they grow up in inshallah .. I stayed in a toxic and violent marriage because of them, held onto a marriage that was already broken, he was the worst person, I have ever met and I loathe him with a passion, I will never forgive him and even if I die today I would want him to bury me or even mourn me I left because I had to be happy with myself.”

She added that co-parenting is a nightmare.

“I wouldn’t have picked him as their father, unfortunately lakini maji ukishayavulia nguo, huna budi kuyaogea.”

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