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Arnelisa Muigai claps back at a man who called her barren

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Keroche heiress Anerlisa Muigai has responded to a fan who dared call her barren in the comment section of her Instagram page.

George had responded to a photo Arnelisa had asked her followers to identify the people in the image.

George went ahead and did the opposite and picked on Arnelisa; You’re the only barren there.”

The Nero Water Company CEO gave his a piece of her mind; “Shame on you!”.

She went on to explain that while she ignored many comments online, this one had to be dealt with.

“There are a lot of comments that I ignore, but this one has gone too far…I am actually touched because there are actual barren women in this world,” she started out.

She went on to express her sadness that an adult male could make such a brazen and crude statement.

“I am disappointed that a whole grown man can comment on such things as knowing how many women struggle day in day out with getting kids.”

And she wasn’t done yet. The Keroche heiress shamed the man again telling the man that he should be careful of the karma he could attract were he to get daughters.

“Feel very shamed, and if you have young daughters, pray very hard for them. Your words can easily come back to you, sir!!!…”

She then finished by educating the man that there wasn’t a prize given to women for getting a child ahead of fellow women.

“Just to make it clear that a lot of women are not pregnant BY CHOICE. I haven’t seen any woman who has won a medal for getting a child before the other.”

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