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Ben Pol opens up on why his marriage to Arnelisa ended

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Keroche heiress Arnelisa’s ex husband Ben Pol has trashed claims that their marriage ended over infidelity.

Speaking during an interview, Ben Pol said;

” We did not part because of infidelity.

We would talk it out and it was not to a level of us partying. It was other things and not cheating.”

When asked if he earned from Arnelisa during their marriage, he said that he only earns from his music.

“What I earn is from my music.

At the time I would let go some jobs because they would collide with her travel schedule.

Some times I would be away from Tanzania for up to 6 months.”

While giving an advice to people in relationships, the Tanzanian singer said that he had healed from his past

“Ukiona mtu kila kitu kimenyooka, kipato kujitegemea, muonekano/urembo, heshima/unyeyekevu, akili/maarifa na haitokei siku moja akakukosea, ndugu yangu KIMBIA FASTAA!! na usigeuke nyuma huo ni mtego.”

If you see a person who has everything straight, independent income, appearance/beauty, respect/humbleness, intelligence/knowledge and it doesn’t happen one day they wrong you, my brother RUN FASTAA!! and don’t turn back that is a trap)

He also confirmed that he is ready for marriage. The singer said this in an interview with Wasafi TV.

“Are you ready for marriage again?” he was asked.

“Hata sasa hivi, hata kesho. Kabisaa.” (Even now, even tomorrow).

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