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Corazon Kwamboka’s law suit against Ugandan mall goes south

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Kenyan socialite and advocate Corazon Kwamboka was all set for a legal showdown with a mall in Kampala before she got a rude shock that took her back to the drawing board.

The socialite was alerted by a netizen about a mall in Uganda using her photos for commercial purposes without her consent.

Corazon warned the mall in Kampala that she had already contacted a lawyer to deal with them.

“This mall in Kampala that’s using my photos to promote whatever product against my knowledge. I’ve contacted a lawyer to deal with you,” she wrote in a post on InstaStories back in December 2022.

Corazon came out to complain that the Ugandan mall photoshopped the image she complained about, replacing her face with someone’s else.

The socialite, who is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, was completely taken aback by the evasive move employed by the mall in Kampala to go around her lawsuit.

This Ugandan mall that had a poster of me, photoshopped someone’s face on body hahaha! I guess no face no case, they also changed the outfit color and removed @genio_active logo next time just pay me and have full permission Babbage,” Corazon Kwamboka wrote.

Corazon knows her rights being an Advocate – seemingly why she was going after the mall in Kampala.

The use of an image of a recognizable person for advertising or promotional purposes, even if it was taken in a public setting, violates that person’s right to publicity. One could be liable for damages, including punitive damages.

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