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Daddy Owen picks on gospel artists using clout to promote their music

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Gospel singer Daddy Owen has come out to show his displeasure in musicians who have a tendency of using clout to promote their new songs.

On his official Instagram page, the celebrated artist talked on the issue.

The artist said that clout chasing can sometimes fail to deliver the intended message that a song was meant to.

Owen added that when his separation story was trending, some people told him to release a song and use that to push it.

Owen said he found that was not the right thing to do since he intends to spread the gospel.

“I do not subscribe to the school of thought that all songs need “Kiki” before releasing, a journalist just asked me “why dint u release this good song when your story was trending?” IMO I feel such clout takes away the real message u want to pass across (considering I am Gospel Minister),” he said

Owen added although we are in an era of social media, sometimes artists fail to differentiate good marketing and clout chasing.

Some say “But it’s working” and I respect that, but kuna zingine even me as your fan I feel like the hype is bigger than the song! 

Some of us concentrate on pushing the song n hype around it more than concentrate in giving out deep content!

 As a fan u wait for the song/video only to find out u were shortchanged! What an anti-climax! We can do better!”

He challenged every younger musician to go deeper and find solutions to our content.

“Some of these big artists most of u try to emulate some release just very good content that cuts across n crosses every border from Nigeria/Tz to Kenya.. We can return the favour as well. Just my opinion, u can share yours and we have a constructive discussion. Anyway!”

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