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DJ Pierra Makena reveals she is single again

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DJ Pierra Makena has revealed that she is single day after she surprised her alleged lover Creative Phil on Valentine’s day.

She took to her Instagram to announce her relationship status in a video where she  wore a white dress while dancing to Harmonize’s song ‘Single again’

During Valentines day, the DJ, surprised his alleged boyfriend with an iphone 14.

On that day before surprising him, she posted a video airing out her love for Phil and how she hopes that he too has a surprise in store for her.

“Fun day…..and of course had to check on my Kafukswi….(hope that’s the spelling) happy valentines”

Phil was also on board on the Instagram comment section and thanked her for the thoughtful surprise.

“Thank you so much babe for the gift iPhone 14 on 14th Feb 😍😍😍”

The allegations have also left some people in a state of limbo as Creative Phil is only a 23 year old boy  while Makena is a 41 year old woman . The age gap factor allows him to be what we call in the modern day “Ben 10” .

Makena has always stayed under the wraps concerning who she is in a romantic relationship with.

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