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Gospel singer Guardian Angel blasts Eric Omondi

Guardian Angel: God does not send clout chasers to warn his people

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Gospel singer Guardian Angel has blasted Eric Omondi over his social media antics and clout chasing using God’s name.

Speaking to bloggers, the ‘Hadithi’ hit maker said some artistes have taken years to build their brands.

Guardian’s message came a few days after comedian shared a video ranting about the gospel industry being misused by some artistes.

“We have served God for a long time and you can’t just come to speak bad things about people who have spent years serving God,” Guardian said.

Guardian further said God uses his servants to send his message to them and not social media.

“God does not send anyone via social media to pass a message. He sends you directly to the intended person.

“God is not in the business of chasing clout. We listen to the voice of God through His ministers and we pray. No human being can be sent to tell us what to do.”

While paying tribute to Ilagosa, Guardian said he helped him position himself in the music career.

“The industry is hard and the ministry is not easy. Everyone is trying to make it in life and we cannot be together all the time,” he said, adding that he had not seen Ilagosa for five years.

Guardian further told the artistes to look for other avenues where they can make money from.

“This calling was not a group and that is why everyone has a way of hustling. There are so many ways that God uses to sustain talents,” he said.

“He gave us and MCSK as just one avenue but there are so many ways we can monetise our content.

“You should not always be the person fighting those regulatory bodies. Keep the positive vibe and God will find His way to sustain you.”

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