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Jacky Matubia is quitting social media. Here is why…

"I used to cry I wake up it's still the same, kwanza it's even worse "

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Kenyan actress and influencer Jackie Matubia has announced that she will be taking a break from social media.

This is to help her focus on some big project she is working on that needs her complete dedication.

Taking to her youtube channel, the Lungahos told fans that Jackie needs time away to achieve a project she has set her sights on.

According to details she revealed on youtube, Jackie has been facing some frustrations about it and will be away to dedicate more time to it.

“Big shout out to every person pushing trust you me, funny enough it might look like things are not from me, it might seem that there is a storm for me like right now I ‘m in a storm and I feel like I have done this but something is hitting me, you know, “

Turning in Blessings’ direction, Jackie said

” You know like last year for me something came up, I feel like things, something is hitting me and you know like what I did last year so I feel like things, but I told myself if I sit here in bed and cry and break down and have moods to everyone and not want to talk to anyone nothing will change”


“I will still wake up the following day and still have the same problem, but what am I, supposed to do now “

Blessing says Jackie tried working on the project to no avail.

“Are you going to tell them the truth? that you don’t do that because you tried it and it didn’t work “

Jackie accepts that “for a whole week I used to cry I wake up it’s still the same, kwanza it’s even worse “

Blessing admitted to Jackie that at first he had no clue what she was going through but is proud of how she handled it.

“When you see someone come out of that you see how much strength it takes coz siwezi kukutoa you have to get the strength to come out and I m grateful and proud of you “

Jackie told Blessing that

“if things go well in the next three months I will reveal what I was going through and what I have done to accomplish “ Blessing warned Jackie that this may cause anxiety to her fans and that she needs to explain.

“In the process of creating something and when you are creating, when you are building something there are teething problems so she was going through the motions and I think every entrepreneur, every athlete creative goes through, where you’re putting in so much and nothing is coming out of it “



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