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Jimal and Wangari welcome their first child together

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Jimal Rohosafi and Wangari Thiongo have welcomed their first child together a month after confirming that they are an item.

To announce the arrival, Wangari showed pictures of their moment lovingly looking at their child who was sleeping in a baby pram.

Jimal wore a white sweatsuit and sunglasses while Wangari had black trousers and a sleeveless top donned with a hat.

Her sporty look made her appear very comfortable and relaxed.

“Amal J. Ibrahim 🤍Wouldn’t want it any other way 🥰,” Thiongo captioned their happy family moment.

The father of two shared his delight “Gift of love ❤️” he told.

It had been speculated that Wangari had already given birth but had opted to keep quiet until an official announcement is made.

She had shared a pregnancy announcement two weeks ago, as Jimal gushed over her unborn baby.

The Chairman of the Association of Matatu Operators confirmed they are an item with Wangari during a recent interview. He mentioned that he was done with his exes, Amira and Amber.

“Huyo ndio baby girl. Ile ya wale wengine ni story sasa…ilipita…huko nishatoka na hatuongei kabisa…sijawablock lakini hatuongei.

“Tukiongea tunaongea mambo ya watoto pekee yake,” he said.

Asked whether Wangari has already given birth, Jimal said he would dish out the information as and when needed, insisting that the ‘whole process had been completed’.

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