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Kabi WaJesus hints at expecting baby number 2

Kabi WaJesus hints that Milly is pregnant again

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It Looks like the Wa Jesus family is up to three miracles . The content creator Kabi Wa Jesus and his wife Milly are expecting their third child.

However, it is not confirmed as Kabi had posted a photo from a past photoshoot when she was pregnant with their second child.

But the netizens are excited assuming that it’s a sign that the power couple may be expecting baby number two.


His Instagram caption read,

“Thank you Jesus for the fruit of the womb.I pray for you Today may all your plans bare fruits in Jesus name.#21daysofthanksgiving2023#NiJesus

The post did what it intended to do with some congratulating the couple while others wondered whether it was indeed a pregnant announcement.

Not long ago, Kabi told his fans that his new year’s resolutions was to have another child.

Through his Instagram page, Kabi uploaded a photo together with his wife and two children and said that this year is to achieve everything from good health, and financial success but also adding another third child to his family.

“I believe that this is the year of access, access to things that you have being praying for, access to happiness, access to good health, access to love and laugh, access to the mind of God through a relationship with the Holy Spirit in Jesus name. Naona pia 2023 na access baby number 3 😉,” Kabi said while tagging his wife.

Last year April, Kabi and his wife Milly of Jesus had a second child and further expanded their family.

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