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King Alami accuses Noti Flow of using her to chase clout

"She never gave me a car, it was an act... ni yake" 

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King Alami , Noti Flow’s ex-lover is finally back online after her tragic fall from a building  months ago.

She however seems to hold a personal vendetta against Noti Flow and she is not holding back on spilling the tea about their relationship.

Alami has just revealed that the blue Volkswagen that Noti Flow paraded online as a gift for Alami back when they were dating was in fact all a

Noti Flow a year ago, left her fans’ jaws on the flow when she gifted her then-girlfriend King Alami with a brand new Volkswagen.

The musician who was celebrating her birthday over the weekend said she spent Sh1.5 million on the gift because her bae is totally worth it.

Turns out that the expensive gift was just Noti’s way to gain popularity and keep her name trending, according to Alami’s recent revelation.

The revelation came about after a curious netizen sent Alami a direct message asking her what had happened to her gift as she hadn’t been seen with it in a long while.

There is also the sheer fact that Alami got one of her arms amputated and the netizen was just curious as to how she will be driving around.

“Just a question, do you still have the car that Noti gave you?” The unidentified Instagram user asked Alami.

Alami responded by letting the Instagram user know that there was no car, to begin with.

“She never gave me a car, it was an act… ni yake Alami’s response read.

Turns out as some fans had speculated back then, the artist had gotten a car for herself and then paraded it as a gift for Alami.

Back then what bothered netizens is the fact that Noti bought the car in her name but came online to let us know that she’d have the logbook changed to have King Alami’s name.

People wanted to know why she didn’t have the car under Alami’s ownership in the first place and if she was getting her boo gift. Y’all see the math not matching on this one?

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