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KRG the Don picks on Steve Simple Boy after saying he doesn’t know him

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KRG the Don has finally responded after Stevo Simple Boy made remarks that he doesn’t him and why people are beating them against each other.

KRG who is ruling the airwaves with a new tune featuring Dufla Diligon came up with a sarcastic response against Stevo.

He warned the Simple Boy not to try and compare himself to him at all.

KRG said that Stevo Simple Boy does not even fit in his class and the only job he can give him is that of scaring and chasing away animals and birds on his farm

“Now you Stevo Simple Boy, what I can do is take you to my farm, put a bandage on you so that you can be like a scarecrow. Because your looks are so scary, don’t try to compare yourself to a handsome person like me,” KRG said scornfully.

On Wednesday, Stevo Simle Boy started a fight with KRG saying that he does not know anyone called KRG and wanted to know why he was fighting with him musically.

“Not out of malice or anything, but who is this KRG? I have been mentioned a lot on Instagram, and why are we fighting musically?” Stevo Simple Boy asked sarcastically.

KRG’s statement was not well received by some netizens who criticized KRG for interfering with the nature of the artist from Kibera telling him that he should not use those criteria to answer Simple Boy.

However, others felt that Simple Boy was the one who started the war of words that he could not handle, while they are now waiting for the artist’s response to KRG.

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