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Kristoff announces musical comeback after two years break

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Kenyan musician Kristoff is back in Kenya from the USA where he had stayed for close to two years. He has announced that he is back to making music after taking a two-year break from the industry.

In an interview with Kiss FM,  the musician explained why he left Kenya for the US.

“I’ve been in and out of America. I also wanted a break kiasi, you know the industry has changed so I wanted a different perspective, niko mbali nione vile the current musicians are doing so that I can also get understanding”

He termed the break as very helpful.

“What I was doing in the USA exposure. You know many artistes go there after they have been booked for performances, then unafika hapo unaona there are more opportuntities so many of us musicians go to the USA then we stay nione kama naweza kupata kitu”

What job was he doing there? “Biashara tu ni za muziki I was dealing with sound”

Why is he back in Kenya?

“Narudi coz I feel this is the right time, my break was needed two years, that’s long enough. So I’m back to show Kenyans what I have been upto, kenye nimekuwa nikipanga, so people need to watch out Kristoff amekuja na ubaya sana”

He has two new songs “alafu nitatoa album later on in the year. so ammabo kubwa, we shot a video in the states in Dallas Texas, so watch out” he continued.

“Kristoff ni back, niliwaacha na dundaing, this time itakuwa noma men”

“Kristoff is back for a reason he explained why “game bado haijafika mahali inafaa ikuwe, there is a lot of work and that’s why I’m saying Kristoff is back for a reason but sasa hizi game imekuwa different coz wasanii saa hii wako na platform yao ya kuweka muziki not like in my times when we relied on TV. Right now there is TikTok, and Facebook that is so powerful”

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