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Manzi wa Kibera planning to have 2 kids with her 66-year old Mubaba

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Kenyan socialite Manzi wa Kibera and her 66-year-old mubaba seem to be hitting things off well and since valentines, the two have been serving couple goals on social media.

Manzi now says her love for him will culminate in a wedding and two children.

“Sio mapnezi na kukosa adabu,” Wambo defended.

Manzi wa Kibera and her old bae are taking the ultimate step in their relationship.

They have declared that they took an HIV test as a show of commitment.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko on Wednesday, February 22, the couple has told they are still dedicated to each other.

They told off critics who had predicted they would split over their age difference.

Manzi wa Kibera insists she is 22 years old. “Kama mimi 66 ndio ilinifurahisha then what si it?. Wacheni mimi na mzae. Saa hii ni three months we have been dating, there is no clout or anything like that.”

Wambo had a beautiful Valentines “It was my first time to be surprised, I have never been gifted anything, he was the first one to do so”

He gushed over her saying he loves to spoil her. “This love is real, it’s not a movie, si kipindi.”

The mystery man is a widower from Machakos, who is dating Wambo to keep him company. “Siwezi sikia aibu kutembea na msichana kama huyu,”

He sells clothes and she was his customer. They officially started talking to each other when one day she forgot her handbag and she later came to enquire about it.

The couple is planning to have a family. They want two children and they plan to go  for HIV testing before all that.

“The future is bright na tumepanga kila kitu tunafaa tuende VCT” Wambo revealed. The old man shared he is ready for the challenge of being a new dad. sindio niko tayari.”

She also says a wedding has been planned, “We have been together three months already, so I feel a wedding is soon,” she shared.

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