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Michelle Ntalami opens up about her relationship with Fena Gitu

Michelle urged men to shoot their shot

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Marini Naturals CEO and founder Michelle Ntalami and her BFF Fena Gitu are rumored to be involved romantically. The two sparked dating rumors after they went on vacation together.

The have since been serving couple goals since the rumors started circulating on the internet gushing over each other.

“More love, less ego. Let go, heal. Forgive yourself forgive others. Kill your pride stay honest, laugh a lot, Be in the moment Speak your truth.Remove yourself from hurtful spaces. Go only where there’s love. Stay in your light, Live freely. Be happy.” Ntalami captioned a post on Instagram.

Fena responded by assuring Ntalami of many more years of laughter,

“My sweet Michie Mich. I couldn’t have said it better. I truly appreciate this journey we’ve been on. Here to turning the page with alooot of laughter. You will always have a safe space in my big bunny heart.”

Well, after speculations from their fans, Michelle has clarified her relationship with Fena saying that she is her good friend.

“Fena is a very good friend of mine and everyone knows about that. We have been friends for years and it is something that people know about,” she told Ankali on radio.

The businesswoman added that the fans have seen her working with Fena in the past and they should stop assuming things.

“We have done projects together, collaboration and she has been a brand ambassador and we have a good working relationship.”

When asked to address her sexuality, Michelle clarified that she is attracted to masculine energy be it female or male and urged men to shoot their shot.

“I am androsexual and that means I am attracted to men or masculine energy and so the men can shoot the shot since they are also in the bracket of who I am attracted to. People think I am only attracted to women but that is not the case.”

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