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Nadia Mukami trashes claims that she has a mubaba

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Nadia Mukami

Celebrated musician Nadia Mukami has come forward to trash rumors circulating on the internet that she got funding for her new business from sponsors and had nothing much to do with the venture.

The mother of one launched Nadia Nail Bar and Beauty Parlour at Koinange Street in Nairobi CBD on Christmas Eve in a small but luxurious event attended by friends, family, and online media outlets.

However, online investigators can’t seem to shut up as they claim that the talented musician does not own the business and that she just got a sponsor to fund the business venture.

“People will always criticize me in a wrong way, some will claim I have been sponsored, but only my team and those close to me understand the struggle I went through to launch this parlor.

The sleepless nights, sometimes the lack of funds (before completion), and all that,” Nadia said, responding to the claims. 

Nadia went on to explain that she earns enough from both music and endorsements that she’s been securing and, with that, makes well to help her achieve enough to start the beauty venture.

“For those who follow what I do, they see me doing shows; the other day, I did one with Safaricom and was handsomely paid.

I have been working with EABL for the longest time. Why would someone think I can’t afford to start such a business?” The musician stated, seemingly upset by such allegations.

“This is a 100% Nadia Mukami project which, if I am being honest, cost me over 1.2 million shillings.

The money went into renovating the space to working on the interior designs, including installing the gypsum,m which was crazy expensive to every other set up in that place.” Nadia highlighted.

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