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Nandy reveals why she didn’t sign under Wasafi Records

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Tanzania singer Nandy has just revealed that she almost got signed by Diamond’s record label Wasafi.

The superstar stated that numerous labels wanted to sign her and no record label has ever turned her down.

“No, I have never been refused nor turned down by any record label. Never ever, if I am being honest….” the mother of one boasted.

“The only time something almost like that happened… there is this one time that this record label, Wasafi Records was to sign me but then I was doing a show, Tecno on The Stage and when I can back I found myself signed to a different record label THT so I couldn’t sign with them.

At first, I was supposed to be signed to Wasafi Records but then I found myself on THT.

After that, a lot of record labels did approach me but I never signed with either of them because there is a specific level as an artist I wanted to get to….” finished off Nandy.

The singer officially launched her record label dubbed The African Princess, on Monday in an event that was graced by members of the fourth Estate and a few members from her team. She mentioned that she will be introducing her first signee on January 19, 2023.

The Siwezi hit-maker further disclosed that owning a record label is a dream come true for her as she looks forward to supporting other talents.

“Ninayo furaha kubwa kuileta kwenu Rasmi THE AFRICAN PRINCESS LEBEL…!

2023 lebel ambayo itahusisha wanawake tu! Kama tunavo ona industry ya watoto wa kike ni chache sana na uthubutu umekuwa ni mdogo so tunaimani na kuomba the African princess lebel itaongeza wingi wa vipaji vya watoto wa kike waliopo mtaaani wenye ndoto kubwa ya kuwa wanamziki,” Nandy shared in part.

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