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Nicki Minaj Facing $750,000 In Damages Over Husband’s Alleged Attack On Security Guard

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American rapper Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty are being sued for at least $750,000 after he allegedly attacked a security guard who was part of Nicki’s team.

Thomas Weidenmuller, formerly part of Nicki’s concert staff, is demanding $753,958.51 (approx. KSH. 94M) from the couple in damages.

Thomas was the head of security at a Nicki 2019 concert in Frankfurt when a fan made it past a female security guard and jumped on stage.

“A concert-goer breached a security barricade dividing the audience and was able to get on stage while Nicki was performing. The concert-goer bypassed a female security guard stationed at the stairs leading to the stage,” reads part of the suit.

The incident allegedly made Nicki upset, and her husband Kenneth, together with with her entourage, attacked Thomas backstage.

They yelled insults at Thomas, accusing him of being in some kind of entanglement with the female bodyguard, which he denies.

Without warning, Petty punched Thomas from the side.

Thomas claims he spent ten long and painful days in the hospital after feeling immediate extreme pain following Petty’s blow, under the belief that his jaw was broken.

The police were then called and an investigation was launched.

The security guard claims that Nicki was unharmed but ultimately overreacted as the concert-goer did not cause harm to any other person, nor did he damage any property during or after his limited time on stage.

“He simply danced on stage to the music. He did not attempt to, and did not actually, make any physical contact with Nicki while on stage,” says a part in the suit.

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