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Nikita Kering explains why Kenya music lacks identity

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Kenyan artist Nikita Kering has joined the list of artists who have shared their thoughts on why Kenyan music is not as big as it ought to be.

Nikita also touched on why she feels Kenyan artists find it difficult to grow in the industry and compete with other nations.

According to the 20-year-old artist Kenyan music lacks identity due to colonization, making it difficult for artists to identify with and be known for a particular genre.

If Kenyan music was to hit, we still don’t know what Kenyan music is. 

I think we were heavily colonized that our music identity didn’t even show. Our identity lacks in very many thingsWe have no distinctive identity or genre,” Nikita Kering is heard saying in an edited video shared on Instagram.

Nikita might have a point because, in most African countries, the nation’s music has to identify genres that you can use to pinpoint them.

For example, Tanzania has bongo, West Africa has afro beats, and South Africa is well known for Amapiano. These nations have capitalized on their identifying music and gone global with it.

Many may argue that Kenya has gengetone but we all know how that genre is looked down upon and associated with vile things. Let us be honest at the peak of gengetone, most Kenyans said it was just a local music genre.

While others argued that gengetone music was just a passing cloud. And with that, the genre wasn’t even given a chance.

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