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Oga Obinna addresses his relationship with Pendo

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Oga Obinna

Kiss 100 radio presenter Oga Obinna has finally opened up on about his relationship with ex Nairobi diaries actress and socialite Stacy Vugsta popularly known as Pendo.

Obinna has refuted the rumors circulating around that he and the socialite are an item.

This was after photos of them being cozy emerged.

Obinna had tried to hide her identity and as usual, the online sleuths were quick to investigate the identity of the lady after comparing her arm tattoos.

During the Morning Kiss, the famous comedian said he and the socialite are just friends.

“Lemmie clears the air, we are not dating, I decided this is my year and I have to find someone.

 That photo was to make you guys start talking. 

There is nowhere I said ‘Meet my girlfriend’.

 It is not about the beauty Pendo is very intelligent, her vibe is 100%, she can cook and she is from the Coast.

Hata nashindwa kwani amenikorogea (I am wondering whether she has bewitched me.”


Obinna’s ex-girlfriend Sherlyne Anyango was not impressed, she commented on Obinna’s post and told him that he had downgraded.

“On a serious note btw This year, I’m not staying single anymore, Nataka MUTU so before I decide if SHE is the ONE..kwa wale wanamjua vizuuuuuri 😜🙈 mnisaidie kuamua if my WCW is a YaY ama nimechoma bet…Social Media Inlaws Kazi Kwenu.😜” Posted Obinna

Sherlyn Anyango then reacted by saying, “Ume Down grade bro.”

Pendo took to Instagram to answer the curious online fans who wanted to know if she was the one.

Stacy Vugusta popularly known as Pendo answered a fan who asked, “Is that you with Obinna?” She winked at the query in her response.

In a second question, she was asked whether she had ‘fun with your Obinna?’ Pendo responded by blowing kisses to the fan.

A third attempt at getting Pendo to confirm the rumours resulted in a laugh. She was told outright that, “Tushajua ni wewe unakula pesa ya Oga Obinna.”

To this, Pendo answered, “Wueehhhh, haha ha aha.”

A fourth fan told Pendo that they are manifesting her true love in 2023 with Obinna, “Nashuku hiyo manifesting ya I love you and I wanna hug you and kiss you, ni obinna ameandika?”

A statement that resulted in Pendo using the embarrased emoji and tagging Obinna.

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