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Otile Brown finally gets back his 2 Macbook laptops

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Kenyan musician Otile Brown managed to recover his two stolen computers in Tanzania on Monday morning.

The musician revealed the good news on Instagram where he uploaded a video of two men giving him back the Macbooks.

“I have people praying for me from different religions,” he said after revealing that he had managed to find the stolen machines.

In the Instastory he posted one can see, two well-dressed men (among them his manager Noriega) knocking on the artist’s door at an unknown time in the morning.

Otile, who appears to have woken up shortly before the door was knocked, is seen welcoming the two and receiving his laptops again.

“How did you get them?” he is heard asking them. “It’s a long story bro,” one of them replied. The talented 30-year-old singer then continues to inspect the machines and seems satisfied with the condition he found them in.

On Tuesday, Brown had made a request to the person who stole the computers at the Julius Nyerere airport to return them.

Otile had said that he was willing to pay whoever was holding the laptops if he would take action to return them.

He revealed that the machines contain important things that he didn’t want to lose.

“Whoever finds my laptops, I will give them money. I am straight, we don’t even have to go to the police,” he said.

He added, “Maybe right now you are looking for a market to sell, you are looking for a customer. The content inside is very important.  I can give you money if you return my laptops. You will have done me a great favor.”

The musician even revealed that he was restless and had not been able to sleep when he was making the video.

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